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Soothe Your Soul and Discover Inner Peace

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"Sound healing is like being in the ocean and letting waves wash over you, but here it's a wave of sound - like a wave of conciousness."

Dr. John Beaulieu

Offering Sound Baths for Yoga and Meditation Sessions 

As you journey through the sonic landscape with Musical Mandalas, you'll reconnect with your inner self and discover a sense of wholeness and calm. Whether you seek relief from physical ailments, mental stress, or simply desire a moment of profound relaxation, our sound healing event offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation and renewal. Join us and embark on a transformative experience of healing and self-discovery.

We'd love to see you at an upcoming event! Musical Mandalas can be found offering live sound bath experiences throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Check out the link below for any upcoming events - and check back soon if you don't see anything listed! 

Immerse Yourself in Sound Healing Vibrations

Ways to Experience 
Musical Mandalas

Musical Mandalas offers a variety of ways to work together. Whether you'd like to attend an event, receive 1-1 or small group sound healing, or create a collaborative experience, we are here to support you! 

Each sound bath experience includes a guided meditation to help listeners ease into the journey. 

For collaborations, reiki is available on request and cacao circle can be added for an additional fee.

Interested in something not listed? Send us a message to see how we can best support you!

Healing Therapy

Sound Bath Experience 

Experience the profound tranquility of sound healing at our immersive event. Dive deep into a realm of inner peace and relaxation as harmonious vibrations wash over you, dissolving stress and tension. You can find Musical Mandalas offering our live sound bath experience throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Check out our upcoming events and come join us for a profound journey toward inner peace and healing.

Singing Bowl

Private 1-1 & Small Groups

Desire to receive 1-1 sound healing support, want to host a private small group session, or desire to bring sound into a non-traditional environment? We'd love to support you and would be happy to chat about how we can best serve your needs. 

Yoga Studio


At Musical Mandalas, we believe healing is better together. We are open to aligned collaborations that will help expand the power and magic of sound with the world. We are happy to come to your studio or center to facilitate a sound bath, work with you to curate a unique event, facilitate sound healing for your employees, or to perform at your upcoming wellness retreat, festival or other events.

Rachel, MA

"We had the opportunity to attend a multi-dimensional sond bath experience yesterday. A co-creation by Mike & Rebecca in the frequency of 432 hz. As we grounded back into our bodies, Rebecca offered the invitation to abstain from stimuli such as TV and social media, which felt like such welcome permission. Thank you for the journey to Lemuria. We swam with the dolphins, spoke with the mushrooms, traveld through fractal lineages, activated the DMT within, entirely through sound. We are looking forward to more of your beautiful medicine."
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