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Meet the Creators at Musical Mandalas

Musical Mandalas is a melodic ambient music project created by Michael J Goldberg that serves as a gateway to​ experiencing deep inner healing and peace.

The sounds and music created by Musical Mandalas is designed to support people in increasing awarness while experience deep levels of peace, serenity, and love.


Each piece of music is an offering from our hearts to the collective with the intention of bringing more harmony and unity to the world. 

Michael Goldberg, CSHP

Michael Goldberg is the founder of Musical Mandalas and serves as a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Sound Engineer, Music Producer, and Composer located in Western Connecticut.

His styles include ambient, classical, new age, rock, electronic, and more with a main focus on guitar and keyboards/synthesizers. Michael is also adept at drum programming, arranging scores for orchestras, live sound, and audio mixing and mastering.


Michael has released more than 20 albums over the last 15 years in various projects across multiple genres. He also has numerous instrumentals that appear on TV networks, including Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Michael obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Burlington College in Vermont. He enjoys finding peace in nature, including the natural surroundings of his home town, and continues to generate an eclectic array of music.

Rebecca Tendrich, MS, CPC

Rebecca is a music collaborator and outreach coordinator with Musical Mandalas. She is a Vocal Sound Healer, Meditation Guide, Author, Cacao Facilitator & Master Shamanic Reiki Practitioner based in Central Connecticut.

Rebecca is passionate about supporting humans in opening their heart to their true nature rooted in love through grounded, relatable approaches so they can clear self-doubt and stagnancy while stepping into their authentic self-expression. Rebecca is a Certified Professional Coach & multi-passionate creative that is also trained in vocal sound healing, shamanism, herbalism, embodied dance, music, and ecotherapy.


Rebecca is known for intuitively channeling sound and song through vocals, piano and harmonium, frame drum, and sound bowls. As a life-long musician, Rebecca is deeply inspired by her connection to nature and is on a mission to share the joy and healing powers of music with the world.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, writing, cooking nourishing meals, and spending time with her sweet dog, Pippin. Rebecca also holds a Masters Degree in Business Ethics and Compliance from the New England College of Business.

Trail in Woods
"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."


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