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Sound Will be the Medicine of the Future

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Inner Peace & Healing Through Sound

Curating Sound Meditation Concerts for Elderly Communities

Musical Mandals is proud to offer Sound Meditation Concerts for elderly  communities where the timeless power of sound meets the wisdom of age. Our sound experience serves as a gateway to a world of holistic healing tailored specifically for elderly individuals and aging seniors.

Michael and Rebecca are passionate about ensuring the elderly community has access to the healing benefits of immersive sound experiences. They proudly create music their parents and grandparents enjoy listening to and are on a mission to share the joy music with those who may not have access to it otherwise.

Musical Mandalas is here to serve retirement communities, senior centers, town programs, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospice care, hospitals, and more. 

Benefits of Sound Healing for Seniors

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Improved Memory

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Reduces Stress & Anxiety by reducing cortisol production

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Reduces Sense of Isolation while fostering a spirit of community 

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Improved Congitive Function

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Supportive of pain management than medication alone 

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Improved Circulation by reducing blood pressure and stabalizing the heart rate

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Feelings of Hope & Optimism through production of dopamine and seratonine

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Improved Sleep 

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Strengthen the Immune System 

Opening Doors to Holistic Wellness in the Elderly Community

Research shows that sound healing can significantly reduce chronic pain associated with aging, including arthritis and joint discomfort. By stimulating the body's natural healing processes, sound waves penetrate deep tissues, promoting relaxation and alleviating pain without the side effects of medication.

Moreover, sound healing has been linked to improvements in mood and emotional well-being among seniors. Studies indicate that certain frequencies and vibrations can positively influence neurotransmitters associated with mood regulation, offering a non-invasive approach to managing stress and promoting inner peace.

We'd love to work with you to provide the benefits of Sound healing to your communit.y. Each sound concert includes a guided meditation and optional reiki. 

Please reach out to us to learn more, schedule a consultation call, or set up a meet and greet. We look forward to being of service to your institution. 

Sunset over the Mountains

"The power of music to integrate and cure...

is quite fundamental. It is the profoundest nonchemical medication."

Oliver Sacks

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